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Here is a great craft project that will make the perfect holiday decoration or gift!

You will need:

  • Styrofoam cone
  • Wooden log (about an inch less in diameter than your cone)
  • Green Paint
  • Glittery star
  • Glue gun with plenty of sticks
  • Green spray glitter in a can
  • Green FEATHERS! (We suggest goose feathers, or turkey flats)

Start by using the green paint to paint your styrofoam cone . Let dry. Glue one ring of feathers at the base, overlapping the feathers, gluing them down almost quill to quill. Now start working your way up to the top of the tree. Most feathers have a natural bend in them, when gluing down the feathers, you want them to bend out, away from the cone. Layer feathers all the way to the top. Next, take yourfeather tree outside and give it a generous spray coat of the glitter spray!  Next glue your base to the bottom of your tree! And last but not least, stick the star right through the tip of the top of the cone. (These stars can be found at your local craft store, in the fake floral or wreath section)

*There is no law saying that you have to make a green tree! These trees also look great in red and white or a mix!

Veteran’s Day Fun

Posted by Allison on 11/9/2012 to In The News
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One of the time honored holidays that American’s are proud to celebrate is Veteran’s Day.  For those people that do not have a husband, wife, son, daughter, or loved one serving in the military we often forget about the sacrifices that are endured for our freedom.  Families that have been lead to military service feel proud and honored to have served and they never forget the sacrifices made.  Regardless of each of our level of involvement in our country’s military we all should remember and celebrate our veterans on November 11, each year.

Veteran’s Day gives us all a chance to honor those lives that have given our country its freedom.  Communities host events, families host get-togethers and we can all pay a small tribute by wearing clothing emblematic of our proud nation.  With Veteran’s Day just around the corner we have some ideas that are sure to get you in a patriotic spirit.

(Photo Credit: Two Harbors Library)

Veteran’s Day Celebration Ideas

Parade- Most cities annually host a Veteran’s Day parade.  Streets are closed off to the traffic of cars and lined with citizens waiting to catch a glimpse of proud veterans.  There are often military vehicles, public service vehicles, and even floats carrying men and women who have served in America’s armed forces.  For a fun and memorable day, take a few folding chairs, decorate your kid’s wagon or stroller in American flags and ribbon and enjoy the Veteran’s Day parade put on by your community.

BBQ- Since schools and many businesses observe Veteran’s Day which means there is no school or work for most.  Plan a family or neighborhood barbeque to enjoy the special occasion.  Hotdogs and hamburgers can be appreciated while reminiscing over military stories and events.  This is a great time to honor a grandfather or son that has served in the military as well as to enjoy the freedom they have blessed us with.

Dress Up- If you are feeling especially patriotic, you could dress up in your patriotic colored clothes.  If you have a United States Army, Navy, or any other military shirt, hat or garb you could wear them with pride on Veteran’s Day.  For a festive outfit to wear on your daily errands or to a Veteran’s Day event you could wear clothing and accessories in red, white, and blue.  American flag hair bows and hair feather extensions are perfect accessories for girls and teens.  Craft feathers and rooster featherextensions come in patriotic colors and are easily applied and removed.  Don’t forget to carry along miniature flags to wave on this special day.

Veteran’s Home- You could also arrange with a local Veteran’s Home to bring cookies and cards decorated by your family or child’s class to make an impact on men and women that participated in the military. This special thank you will let them know their sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

Good Girl vs. Bad Girl

Every woman has an image that she works hard to uphold.  A hard worker, a diligent student, wild child and sexy vixen are adjectives that could describe some women…but can we get away with being off duty for a while?  Um, yes!!  Don’t let your style at the workplace define your weekend attire.  Cut loose and give yourself permission to have fun.

If you are a self-proclaimed bad girl then you too can alter your look when the occasion arises.  Let’s face it, a mini with platform boots is not appropriate for a job interview, a first meeting with your future in-laws, and to be honest many other occasions would not find that outfit socially acceptable.  So if you need to take your look from bar scene to an office secretary we have some tips that are sure to help.

(Photo Credit: Tumblr)

Jeans vs. Leather- Jeans are a classic American staple.  They are designed with every woman in mind.  From a loose fitting boyfriend jean to a body hugging skinny every girl can suit their need for coverage.  Jeans can be paired with a white lace top or a blush colored silk blouse to top off a true good girl look.  A pair of black leather or pleather pants will instantly take your look from tame to wild.  Pair your leathers with stiletto heels to complete a bad girl look.

Sweet vs. Revealing- Nothing says sweet as much as a conservative button up.  Choose a figure flattering blouse with an elastic waist line to accentuate your curves.  For a night out as a bad girl, unfasten the top button or two.  The same shirt can transcend the lines of conservativeness with this one simple act.

Bows vs. Feathers- There is nothing so adorable as a girl with a bow, so to take a lesson from the younger generation wear a thin headband with a center mounted bow.  Purchase a thin white sophisticated bow to be chic, a large oversized, patterned bow will give off an immature vibe.  To diss the innocent look wear hair feathers.  Stylish feather extensions will give you an edgier look.  Purchase hair feather extensions in bold colors such as red, black, blue and green to draw attention to your tousled hair.

Pearls vs. Metal Chains- Bubbly pearl necklaces and earrings make for the ideal good girl accessory, but if you want to give your look more sass, ditch the pearls and opt for varying lengths of metal chain and charm necklaces.  Metals are cold, hard and can finish off a high-spirited guise.

Peach vs. Red- Pastels almost always seem to whisper of purity.  Even though a skin tight peach dress can be very sexy it doesn’t have the eye-catching effects of its red counterpart.  Flames, passion and romance are all signified by the color red.  If you want to ignite your look and update your sex appeal, wear a knee length red dress.  

DIY Flapper Headband

This sweet craft would be a perfect one to help your young daughter with. When shes done dancing around the house, this is the perfect addition to her dress up box!

(Photo Credit-

You will need-

-Easy felt

-Assorted Rhinestones/Embellishments


-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cut length of felt 2 inches wide,  on the backside, centered, glue down the Ostrich plume. Oh the front, embellish the front with rhinestones.

Let dry, then fit to childs head, mark, and glue together.

Lastly trim off the excess felt! Thats it!

(Photo Credit- Elizabeth Ann Designs)

Weddings are huge events.  Every hour of from makeup application to cutting the cake is documented by photographs.  Look back on your wedding day and the photographic proof feeling confident that you looked your best.  If your wedding is in the planning stages then we have some must have bridal accessories to choose from. 

Modern Veil- Long train veils are a thing of the past.  Lose the extra weight on your wedding day with a contemporary veil.  Netting covering only to the chin line and a thin layer of tulle are great substitutes.  Retro and vintage accessories are in style for weddings and make for interesting accents.  A vintage wedding hat with a netting veil could be the perfect pairing combination for your stylish ceremony.

Crystal Headband- Tiaras are out unless you are planning a princess themed wedding.  They give off a dated and imaginary vibe. But if you really like the idea of accenting your “crown” with sparkle and bling, consider a crystal accented headband.  Many accessories purchased at a bridal store can be extremely overpriced.  Shop around at your favorite stores to find a headband at a fraction of the cost.  You may always add a layer of lace or tulle to the underside of the headband to create a veil.

Hair Accessories- Due to the duration and activity involved in most weddings many brides opt for fancy updos.  Hair pinned up will hold style and volume longer than even the most heavily sprayed hair style alternative.  Incorporate a gorgeous accessory into your stylized hair such as a flower or crystal accent.  Feathers accessories are very trendy this year.  If you don’t find an affordable feather clip, then you may choose make your own.  Add white goose featherscraft feathers or most popular, ostrich feathers to your store-bought accessory to make a stunningly dreamy piece.

Bracelet/Necklace- You may have heard the wedding saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?” Jewelry is a great way to incorporate these items.  A family heirloom necklace or a newly purchased diamond collar given to you on your wedding day from your fiancé can be meaningful accessories that will add to the sentiment of your special day.

Broach- If you were on a budget, like most brides, when you went dress shopping, you likely had to compromise between your ideal dress and which dress you could afford.  There will be a few opportunities to try on your dress before your big day for fitting purposes or to reveal it to your closest relatives and you may find it lacking in the style department.  If it seems to be too plain for your big day, go shopping for a spectacular crystal broach.  Apply it to your dress where many wedding dresses have embellishments: belt line, off center or just under the center of the breast line.  Get a few opinions before you make pin holes in your dress, but this inexpensive update is sure to make your dress unique.

5 Earrings You Can’t Be Without
Posted by Allison on 11/6/2012 to Moonlight Photos
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Accessories are a vital part of any woman’s wardrobe.  They make our outfits seem complete.  A great pair of earrings can make even jeans and a t-shirt feel like a put together ensemble.  Although every woman has different preferences when it comes to their rings, necklaces, and bracelets, most women agree that even though these jewelry pieces are often times preferred, earrings are a necessity.

Earrings have been a popular fixture throughout history.  They began as a marking of social status and evolved into an accessory that anyone could wear.  From simple and petite to oversized and bold, earrings are created in any size, shape, and color imaginable.  They change with the times, much like our clothing and are fun pieces of jewelry that relay our style preference.  Even though everyone has different style tastes there are a few pairs of earrings that you must have.

Studs- These petite earrings are classy and their understated elegance is perfect for the workplace.

Diamonds- Who doesn’t love diamonds? Wearing a simple pair of diamond solitaire studs will add a polished appearance to an outfit.  If you can’t afford real diamonds, don’t worry there are many faux crystals that appear realistic.

Pearls- As a staple of fashion for hundreds of years pearls have been a sophisticated and elegant gem.  Although pearls are really made of calcium carbonate, much like a shell, they are considered a gemstone.  Since pearls are rare they are expensive.  Purchase faux or imitation pearls for the classy look at a fraction of the price.

Drop- These hanging earrings are produced with various materials and range from elegant to casual.

Feather- Feathers are in style, that much we are sure of.  So don a pair of feather earrings to give your outfit a tribal feel.  Natural feathers such as ostrichpheasant and peacock feathers are among the most popular in jewelry making, however craft feathersrooster feathers and metallic feather prints are also popular.

Jewels- Drop earrings with a single oversized jewel such as a ruby or emerald are extremely expensive and a favorite of very wealthy women.  Diamonds, crystals, pearls, and faux rhinestones are among popular embellishments on earrings and depending on the material can have a huge impact on their price.

Geometric- Any fun shapes such as stars, squares, triangles and circular earrings fit into the geometric category.  Many of these earrings are reflective of the styles of jewelry of the 1980’s.  Often these earrings come in metals and solid colors.  Add a pair of these earrings to incorporate a splash of fun to your outfit.

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